“Just write” – Writing 101

So. Earth… spinning on it’s axes. It has done for our entire life time thus far and I’m willing to bet it intends on continuing for a great deal longer. Suspended in the eternal cosmos for how long? Eternity? Perhaps. Strange thought that. Eternity? The idea that all that exists goes on and on. Even weirder still to think that it goes on and on without us. Once we’re gone the universe just keep ticking. It exists within this pocket of creation but we simply don’t. Strange. Scary in fact. I seem to be heading in quite a morbid direction with this…

Happiness. That’s better. What is happiness? I think it varies and depends solely on the individual. –Gary, your average man, working a 9 to 5 in some corporate void-of-all-individuality-and-color building might, as strange as it may seem to some, be delightfully content with his life. Happy in his conformity and his busy, yet heavily structured days. –Sarah –quite the opposite- finds her inner fulfillment in the appreciation of nature. All things fluttery and green. She sits, closing her eyes as the sweet smell of pollen fills her nose (she’s one of the lucky few who seems unaffected by this sneeze inducing life-dust), as birds and bees and butterflies fly overhead. This is her happiness. Her ‘version’ if you will.


Now you see… it varies greatly. So I return to my previously imposed question; ‘what is happiness?’ My answer: It cannot be defined.

This ‘stream-of-consciousness’ hasn’t turned out at all as I expected it to. Perhaps that’s a good thing?

Consciousness. What is it (the can of worms has been opened)? Arguments for this vary wildly. The claimed 5.8 billion of you might argue that this voice inside your head is divine work of the almighty Lord. In all his ‘omnipotent-ness’. I’m not going to get into this, I’d be here all day. As for the others… the free-thinkers among the population would state, as evidence would suggest, that the voice we hear in our head is just the result of millions upon countless millions of tiny, little electrical impulses zipping around that multi-lobed lump of protein we like to call our brain. That actually takes me to that thought evoking question asked in The Matrix; what is real? and I quote (of course read in your best Morpheus voice), “If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” wonderful.

Anyway, many tangents were explored during this, probably quite a frustrating read for preciously that reason but there you go! A 10 minute session of brain-STRAIGHT-TO-FINGERS activity from the the world inside my head. Boring, ey?

First Post

Setting up this blog, ey. I aim to post on average once a week. I guess, as the title suggests, just random thoughts on the world and the people who inhabit it will be what I stick to (not that you can deviate too far from that anyway).

I should probably say a little about myself; I’m Sam (Full name, Samuel Edward Hill). Born 21st of May 1997. I currently live in Nottingham, UK. I’m studying for my A-Levels; Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths being my subjects. As you can probably see, my mind seems most inclined towards science based topics and I’m sure my blog will reflect that for the most part. I do however intend on posting about other topics. Anything that takes my fancy really.

I feel as a person, I have very strong opinions on things and would be keen to discuss them on here.

I hope people visiting my blog enjoy it and leave with a small, hopefully interesting insight into my mind and life.


– Sam